Sugar Mill Studios: Identity


Sugar Mill Studios : Artist Poster System

Sugar Mill Studios : Identity

Sugar Mill Studios is part of the Tavistock-planned Harmony Cove development in Trelawny, Jamaica. State-of-the-art in both equipment and service, Sugar Mill Studios will quickly become a “must-visit” destination for all serious musicians. Quintessentially Jamaican, the unique visual language that makes up the identity has been crafted around the record art of Jamaica’s own Bob Marley. No Woman, No Cry - Marley's best selling record - was chosen to represent the studio, both from the standpoint of implied success as well as an apt metaphor of the extra-curricular experience.

Sugar MIll Studios : Artist Poster System

Commemorative posters are made for artists that come to the studio to record. In-line with the studio’s identity, the posters are uniquely that of the artist — using important dates and recording times to determine the look of each individual poster.

The example shown, illustrating the posters' underlying system, is of sting. Days and Tracks Recorded information is fictional.

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